NFL 2016 Free Season Preview

NFL 2016 Free Season Preview

NFL Season Preview

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provides our weekly selection and picks service covering all things NFL -The Biggest Game in the USA

Having worked and traveled extensively in the US for the past 10 years Mr NFL has a unique understanding of the US sporting landscape and the handicapping of US sporting markets.

MrNFL provides an incisive analytical approach to NFL wagering based on advanced stats,in depth team analysis covering team schedules,injuries ,offence/defence/QB stats and team DVOA. Coupling these statistical numbers with comprehensive game review creates a wagering system that covers all bases.

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There is nothing bigger in US sports than the NFL season and with MR NFL you can join the game!

MrNFL will start his regular weekly offering from next week, Friday 16th September onward as he gets a handle on the opening form and performances, but has provided us with some sample previews and thoughts for Week 1


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NFL Season Preview

Welcome to the NFL Season 2016!

As a lover of all US sports I’m excited at the prospect of the new season of NFL and look forward with enthusiasm to an entertaining and profitable year in the biggest game in town.
I see a lot of good betting angles being presented ,as I see this season playing out with some predictability.

The normal contenders will be at the fore front again and I can’t see the Super Bowl winner coming outside an elite 7 team group. Seattle, Arizona , New England ,Pittsburgh , Green Bay, Kansas City, and Carolina. I would have included Minnesota but losing their Quarterback has somewhat dampened my view of their super Bowl prospects.

It’s vital to understand the importance of scheduling, statistics and injuries in a team’s prospects. Staying informed is key and that’s my job .

I have briefly covered off on all teams below but as mentioned you need to stay flexible as teams situations change and so do their profitability.

I hope you join me and subscribe to a season of promise and profit.

Good Luck to us all this NFL season, let’s have some fun and make some green.


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-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 13th

Good things are ahead for the Bills. An 8-8 season last year will be a good spring board for a tilt at the post season. Tyrod Taylor leads the good Bills offence and with shrewd off season defensive buys it seems that the 22nd rank “D” from last year will improve. Watch this space.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 2nd

I would have had the Jets ahead of Buffalo in the division but a tough schedule means that they will probably just miss out on the post season much like last year. With Fitzpatrick and Forte leading the way they have the weapons to compete so it’s a hard call to say that they miss the playoffs.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 16th

No Tom Brady for 4 games, no problem for the Pats. 3 of their first 4 games are at home and the decent Jimmy Garoppolo stepping in they should at least be 2-2 when Brady returns. A Top 6 rating in both offence and defence means that anything less than a Super bowl appearance would be a failure for New England. Elite.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 4th

Not this year for the Dolphins. The 4th ranked toughest schedule doesn’t bode well for Miami. They also needed to boost their offensive line and give an above average QB Ryan Tannehill some decent looks but that hasn’t materialised on paper. Help needed.



-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 27th

I like these Ravens. Injury plagued in 2015 ,2016 looks good if the injury gods are smiling on them. Joe Flacco is the key. If they can get more production from their offensive unit things will look promising for this hardened Balty side. Their “D “ is top 5 material and with a soft schedule I expect post season play.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 25th

The No.1 offence in the league coupled by the no. 17 defence. No doubting the point scoring ability of the Steelers but can their poor secondary stop the rot? Their pass defence was ranked 30th last year, this needs to improve if Pittsburgh want to challenge the NFL’s elite teams. A favourable schedule should see at least a 10,11 win season. Fix that pass “D” and the sky’s the limit.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 7th

Mmmmm not much to say here. Worst team in the NFL. They rank dead last in both offence and defence and have to contend with a tough schedule. 4 plus wins would be over achieving.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 21st

Cincy are a good football side and I wouldn’t be surprised if both Wild Cards come from this division. Andy Dalton is a good QB leading a decent offence. Coupled with a top 10 rated defence. A playoff team that just needs to take the next step.



-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 32nd

The Titans will improve this year but you don’t have to be Einstein to know that. A 3-13 record in 2015 the only way is up. An easy schedule and good personnel additions will fuel the Titans but the playoffs are still out of reach.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 18th

I know the Jags have taken steps to improve their offensive line and they needed to after Bortles was sacked more times last season than any other QB. Add in the fact that he threw the most interceptions also and I don’t see too many positives for Jacksonville this season. Will struggle again.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 23rd

A horror 2015 for Andrew Luck is now a distant memory. The Colts can contended. They have drafted in players to help improve their terrible offensive line and if this comes off then look out. I see improvement in their offensive and defensive numbers and with a reasonable schedule they will better the 8-8 record of last season. Taking a leap of faith with this team but I see a good season ahead.


-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 20th

Encouraging signs for Houston this season. Should be right in the playoff picture if their 30th ranked Offence improves which I believe it will. With new QB signing Brock Osweiler and elite WR Deandre Hopkins putting up great numbers each week I can see the offence producing. Their defence is top 10 behind JJ Watt and a good schedule should see improvements on last
year’s 9-7 record.



-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 14th

The post Peyton Manning era begins with Trevor Siemian starting at QB. He will struggle so I see the Broncos year being heavily reliant on their stellar Defensive unit (ranked #1) lead by Von Miller. As always they’ll be competitive but don’t expect a return to the Super Bowl. I see a 9-10 win season.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 30th

This top 10 ranked offence behind Rivers, Gates and Allen have to perform well to compensate for this 30th ranked defensive unit. A good schedule means that the Chargers have no excuses this season. But in a tough division I don’t see the playoffs in San Diego’s future.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 15th

Oakland’s young team is tipped to make some significant strides toward post season play this year. A favourable 1st half schedule will give the Raiders confidence but can they bank enough wins early before finishing with some tough scheduling spots.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 24th

The Chiefs will do what the Chiefs do. Solid Top 7 rankings on both the Offensive and Defensive sides plus a good schedule will see Alex Smith take the Chiefs back to the playoffs. Can they make the big dance? Their numbers suggest they can.



-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 31st

Injured Tony Romo is the heart and soul of this team and last year’s record without him starting is damning, 1-11. So where does that leave us this season? He is expected to miss half the season at worst but I expect him back earlier. In his place to start the year will be Dak Prescott. His pre-season was encouraging and with one of the best Offensive Lines in the NFL around him I expect a great season from the Cows.


-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 9th

Kirk Cousins finished 2015 with 27 TD’s and 3 INT in his last 10 games. Great numbers, if he starts well I see the Redskins having a better year than last season where they finished 9-7. So a division title is up for grabs. Look out Cowboys.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 11th

With the departure of Sam Bradford to the Vikings and the rookie QB Carson Wentz leading the Phillies I see a mediocre year in store. Their 2015 offense was ordinary and I see much of the same being dished up again.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 22nd

If Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr continue their great rapport in offense coupled with the acquisition of some defensive talent I see a better year for the Giants ahead. Closing out games late also will be key after blowing 5 games last season in the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. After a 6-10 season last year the only way is up for these Giants.



-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 28th

After a 6-10 record in 2015 I’m expecting not much different from Chicago behind Jay Cutler. In a strong division I can’t see the Bears challenging for post season honours.


-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 19th

What could have been? And what can be? The loss of starting QB Teddy Bridgewater before a ball is thrown in anger put a gloom over the Vikings Super Bowl aspirations. But trading in Sam Bradford from Philly may have partially resurrected their title hopes. He will fit in well into Minnesota’s offensive structure and with Adrian Peterson and their great young defensive unit I see a good season ahead even with the loss of Bridgewater. Favourable schedule has them post season bound.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 29th

No doubt the Aaron Rodgers lead Green Bay will again be in the post season mix. Injuries cruelled the Packers somewhat last year with Jordy Nelson’s loss difficult to cover. With better depth now in the line-up covering for injuries for this ageing roster will be the key to how far they go. Their schedule is favourable. A lot to like here. Primed for a big play-off run.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 26th

With the retirement of the hall of famer Calvin ”Megatron” Johnson, it might be a long year for Detroit behind Stafford. But with a better overall roster I see improvement. With a soft schedule there will be no excuses for the Lions not to challenge for a Wild card spot. But a division title is off their radar in this strong company.



-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 5th

A tough schedule will be the undoing for the Falcons post season prospects this season. At best I see an 8-8 record not good enough for a wild card spot. Matt Ryan is an average QB that had a terrible year with turn overs last season. Couple that with a struggling defence and welcome to mediocre town in Atlanta.


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 6th

After a 6-10 record last season I can’t see enough improvement in the Bucs for post season play in 2016. Despite the acquisition of new Defensive co-ordinator Mike Smith and the expected improvement with QB Jameis Winston I’d be surprised if they win more than half their games. Pass.


-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 8th

The Saints can score points with Brees and Co. but can they defend? Pre-season signs were encouraging for their “D” but it was Pre-season. Tough schedule, below average defensive unit and an ageing Brees could mean an average year for the Saints…more of last year coming up.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 12th

The Panthers will regress this year, that is a certainty, but after having a 15-1 season there really is no place to go but down. I see a 12 or 13 win season ahead. So not that far down. They’ll be good again with season 2015 MVP Cam Newton leading the way. Good defence and good offence masks the deficiencies in their secondary which could be their Achilles heel if they want to go 1 better this season.



-Predicted Division finish: 3rd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 3rd

A tough schedule and a tough division mean a tough year ahead. Must thank the hapless 49ers for being in their division.


-Predicted Division finish: 2nd

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 10th

QB Russel Wilson, RB’s Thomas Rawls and Christine Michael and the 2nd ranked defence in all of the league means the Seahawks are in the top 5 teams in the NFL. Need to be the top seed going into the playoffs as they struggle on the road when the pressure is on. Marshawn Lynch who?


-Predicted Division finish: 4th

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 1st

Unfortunately one of the worst teams in the league has the hardest ranked schedule. Poor offence probably lead by Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick will mean a long year. Next.


-Predicted Division finish: 1st

-Schedule Toughness Ranking: 17th

I’m a fan. The Cardinals had a great 2015 posting a 13-3 record. A great no. 3 rated offence lead by Carson Palmer dishing off to the likes of Johnson, Fitzgerald, Brown and Floyd. Equally as good defence, ranked 3rd best, adds up to a good year for the Birds. Palmers playoff failure last year will hold him in good stead moving toward the play offs. Can see a 12+ win season.

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