NRL Access

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$105 for 5 weeks = $21 /wk
$187 for 10 weeks = $18.70 /wk
$485 full Season Pass = $16.25 /wk


What you get

  • Detailed Weekly Previews (game by game analysis and opinion)
  • MrG’s exclusive Handicap Rating for each contest
  • Recommended Bet List (including a Best Bet for the week)
  • Head to Head tips for each game
  • All selections are published on the website for you to obtain at any time across each week (from the Friday onwards).
  • We send an email out to notify when the previews and bets have been published (by Friday mornings).
  • All bets (for either NRL or AFL) are always at $1.90 as either Line bets, Total Score bets (Under or Over) or the odd occasions as Head to Head bets (at better than $1.90). We deliberately do not play with short priced or exotic bet options.
  • We always look for a bet option that is commonly available across the majority of betting bookmakers or tabs so that the recommended bet is freely available for all subscribers at the time of notification