I am a new subscriber, how do I get the content?

Once you are logged in as a subscriber you can then view any website betting tips content that you have subscribed to. You can either a) click on the menu tab for which you have subscription (for example NRL) and then click on the latest (or any) message thread to view the content. The most recent and current message is always the top left. Or you can click on b) Everything and then click on which ever message title you wish (but you will be restricted by access to the Sports or Racing tips options that you have subscribed to.

SMS messages. If you have subscribed for more more than 1 week for any subscription sports or racing tips option we will then add your mobile number details to our master listings and then send you SMS messages for all new tips when ever they are published.

What do you send me with your SMS messages?

As soon as a new recommended tip / bet has been published on the website we will send you a SMS notification of the key information. It will look like this –

Individual Sport SMS message example:


Bet 3 units Cowboys -4.5 $1.90 Ubet BB

BB – Indicates Best Bet

Racing sms message example:

Morphettville  R8 #6 QUIDDICK x 5 units Win $2.60

Should have won last start when never seeing daylight, gets significant weight turn around on that winner here and looks far more early speed in this race which should set up the right run, with even luck looks the winner

If there is any further lengthy preview content with our recommended tip / bet information then all of this will be published on the website, under the appropriate message thread. All you need to do is log in and view all of the preview detail.

Is your website mobile responsive and friendly?

Yes it is, we have built a new website template to start 2016 with a mobile responsive and friendly layout so that all subscribers can easily access our website and the online sports content on any smart phone or tablet.

How long have you been doing this website?

Our website Reading The Play has been online for 8 years, starting originally with MrG and his NRL coverage. Given the high level of interest from subscriber’s other long term offerings for other Sports and Horse Racing tips have then been added to the websites offering, today (2018) we have 4 different analysts who work and provide individual content across our three focus areas of Horse Racing, NRL and AFL for the website.

Do you provide Free Trial periods?

No we don’t. We offer very transparent information and examples of who we are and what we do and offer short period subscriptions so that new subscribers can have a look, trial and review week by week if they wish and decide if they like the content and tips that they are provided or not.

We do not play smoke and mirrors about what we offer nor attempt to sign everyone up to long term subscriptions, or reoccurring subscriptions – what ever you do the choice is yours. We have deliberately set the website up so that it is cost effective to subscribe, offer further discounts for longer term subscriptions and leave all of the choice with our subscribers.

We also do not offer refunds. Given that we make every effort to be completely transparent with what we do, including the offer of short period subscriptions for new prospects to view and trial our offering we then do not refund any subscriptions.

Flexible Subscription Options

We don’t play games and look to lock any new subscriber into long term up front subscriptions. Any subscriber can look, test and trial each of our sports and horse racing previews and betting tips on a week to week basis while those who enjoy the offering can subscribe longer term with additional discount. Full subscription and pricing options can be viewed here

Flexible Subscriptions + Discount Options


$105 for 5 weeks = $21.00 /wk

$187 for 10 weeks = $18.70 /wk

Season Pass = $16.25 /wk

Horse Racing

$150 for 6 weeks = $25.00 /wk

$230 for 10 weeks = $23.00 /wk

$500 for 25 weeks = $20.00 /wk

Plus – receive a further 15% discount off your total subscription purchase when you combine two or more subscription options (of any length) across and Sports and Racing choice

Free SMS Messages for all selections included – Get the latest information sent straight to your mobile as soon as published

Can I combine multiple sports or tailor a particular subscription?

Yes you can. We also offer a further 15% discount off your total subscription purchase at any time when you combine two or more subscription options (of any length). Or if you have a particular subscription option just drop us an email via our contact page with the details that you would like and we will tailor your subscription and access.

Can I subscribe for the rest of a sports season if it has already started?

Yes you can, we offer 5 and 10 week subscriptions for most options or just drop us an email via our contact page with the sport and options that you would like and we will tailor your subscription length, coast and access.

Why do you talk and bet in units?

Everyone chooses to bet in different bet sizes, from differing betting banks (the personal funds they put aside for betting). Some will bet $20 per bet, some $200 per bet. So as to keep things simple and clear for everyone to follow we then talk in bet units.

Our advice is to decide what size betting unit is likely to work for you and call this your betting unit, remembering that you may have approx. 5 to 10 units of recommended outlay per week per sport and that you also run the risk of losing.

Each bet will be nominated in betting units between 1 to 5, with this also a guide to the level of confidence that our sports analyst has in his nominated bet.

Do you bet on your own selections?

Yes we do. Each of our sports analysts bet seriously as traders and have done so for many years, and they bet individually on their own nominated picks.

Do you always win?

No, we don’t win every day, or on occasions every week, and like any form of betting there can be losing streaks. But as our approach and results attest we win consistently over a period of time. If you are looking for a quality list of sports or horse racing tips that provide a profitable return, consistently, then you are at the right place.

In the 7 years that we have been running this website we have not offered any Sports or Horse Racing offering that has lost money across the longer term, I.e: every one of our analysts has produced a profit over the course of their season or duration on this website.

Do you provide regular Results?

Yes we do, we update the Results each week (normally mid week) for each sport that is currently active, with these results updated on both the Results menu page here or on each individual sports menu pages. All of our results are transparent, and we have multiple clients who have supported us across the last 5 years to attest to this. We also offer short term subscription options so that any one not sure of what is on offer or what the bets and or results might look like can trial and test shorter term before making any long term commitment.

Is your payment process safe and secure?

Yes all payments are processed via a secure and encrypted PayPal process which protects you at all times. We do not receive any confidential or payment details from your transaction other than a copy of the PayPal transaction receipt. We have used this method for 7 years without issue.

Is my Privacy protected?

Yes all subscriber details remain strictly confidential and are never disclosed to any one or any third party. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be viewed here

Help or Assistance

If you have any further enquires, questions or require assistance with anything, please do not hesitate in contacting us via our contact page.

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