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Reading The Play specializes in providing weekly expert NRL Tips, AFL Tips and Horse Racing Best Bets

Our Sports and Horse Racing Previews and Betting Tips are quality, well researched and are provided by a small team of 7 successful and respected traders.

Free SMS Messages

We provide Free SMS Messages for all betting selections – Get the latest information sent straight to your mobile as soon as published. Each SMS message lists the key selection detail as soon as published on the website but full preview notes will need to be accessed via the individual website page.

Reading The Play and each of our specialists has a proven track record. We’ve been doing this for the long haul, we are not fly by nighters who have just started up with a new website and we enjoy many long term loyal subscribers and followers.

Our analysts have been working at their ‘trade’ for many years. They bet professionally to win. They spend hours each week reviewing the form and markets to form an opinion and bet recommendations in their individual areas of speciality. Unlike many, they also provide a written pre-event overview that supports their opinion and offers our subscribers a further ‘feel’ and reasoning behind each bet selection.

Previews & Betting Advice

What you get

  • Each Weekly Sports and Horse Racing Preview and Betting Tips content provides –
  • Individual Game / Horse Previews
  • Selection by Selection betting advice
  • A list of recommended bets
  • Any nominated Best Bets if chosen

Unlike most alternatives at Reading The Play we don’t just offer a bet list, we also offer key information, analysis and our “read” on what we expect to unfold around each recommended sports bet. Subscribers enjoy the pre event preview, thoughts and rational as it provides them with not only a potential betting play but a broader “feel” and connection to each selection.

Each Sports or Racing Preview is available prior to each event (either on a nominated race day or prior to the start of each sports round). SMS notification is also sent to all subscribers on any given day new selections or updates have been published to advise.

Subscription to the website allows subscribers unlimited access to the published content for the duration of their subscription so that they can revisit at any time to check preview content, bet recommendations and or any updates.

Flexible Subscription Options

Sports and Horse Racing Previews and Betting Tips & Picks

We don’t play smoke and mirrors and look to lock any subscriber into long term up front subscriptions. We deliberately offer options as simple as just a 1 week subscription (and our subscription pricing has not changed for 4 years). Any subscriber can look, test and trial each of our sports and horse racing previews and betting tips on a week to week basis for the cost of a round of drinks ($25) while those who enjoy the offering can subscribe longer term with additional discount. Full subscription and pricing options can be viewed here

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$25 for 1 week

$105 for 5 weeks = $21.00 /wk = 15% discount

$187 for 10 weeks = $18.70 /wk = 25% discount

Season Pass = $16.25 /wk = 35% discount

Plus – receive a further 15% discount off your total subscription purchase when you combine two or more subscription options (of any length) across and Sports and Racing choice

Free SMS Messages for all selections included – Get the latest information sent straight to your mobile as soon as published

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Sports and Horse Racing Previews and Betting Tips & Picks.

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