NRL Game Previews – Free Preview – Round 1 2014 – Rabbitohs vs Roosters

NRL Game Previews – Free Preview – Round 1 2014 – Rabbitohs vs Roosters

NRL – Preview – Round 1 2014
 NRL  R 1              
 Venue  RTP Line  Market  Mkt H2H  Home  v  Away  Mkt H2H  Total
 Homebush  0  +3.5  $2.30  Rabbits  v  Roosters  $1.65  38.5
 Homebush  -7.5  -4.5  $1.57  Bulldogs  v  Broncos  $2.45  36.5
 Penrith  -2.0  -1.5  $1.75  Panthers  v  Knights  $2.10  40.0
 Brookvale  -6.0  -4.5  $1.55  Eagles  v  Storm  $2.50  38.5
 Townsville  -13.5  -8.5  $1.30  Cowboys  v  Raiders  $3.50  44.5
 Homebush  -1.5  -1.5  $1.85  Dragons  v  Tigers  $1.95  41.5
 Parra  +3.5   +3.5  $2.30  Eels  v  Warriors  $1.65  44.0
 Cronulla  -5.0  -5.5  $1.70  Sharks  v  Titans  $2.20  38.0


Rabbitohs v Roosters
 Rabbits  Roosters
 Homebush  H  A
 RTP Rating  0  
 Line Opened  +1.5  
 H2H Opened  $2.05  $1.77
 ATS 2013 All  12 / 26  17 / 27
 ATS 2013 H & A  6 / 14  8 / 12
Head to Head  Lost 5 / 8  
 At Ground  Won 7 / 10  Won 4 / 5
 Home/Away 74%  52%

Rabbits 0 (market +3.5) v Roosters

Homebush: 7.00pm Thursday

H2H Tip: Roosters

Bet Option: Pass

In what is the eleventh year where these two teams have met in the opening round of a new season what a cracking game to get things started !! Literally two of the heavy weights of the competition, the Roosters the defending premiers pitched in against their arch rival the Rabbitohs.

The Roosters have held the advantage winning 7 of those 11 games (season openers), but lost 3 of their last 5 H2H clashes while their recent run at Homebush has also improved winning 4 of their last 5 at the ground. The Rabbits also enjoy an excellent longer term record at their home track winning 7 of their last 10 here.

Questions remain over the Rabbits final halves line up, and under pressure its combination with Reynolds still in some doubt and the adjustment of Walker moving to play either 6 (with either Reynolds or Sutton). The Roosters look at near full strength off their recent World Club Championship game against Wigan with Tuivasa-Sheck now included. This should be a rippa clash through the middle with two big heavy weight packs meeting head on. JWH, Moa and Nuuausala up against the Burgess brothers won’t be a place for the faint hearted with the edge and ball play of the likes of SBW, Cordner, Sutton and Teo then the next wave.

Some of the individual targeting tactics will be interesting. The Roosters have had some issues at times with their left edge defence of Pearce and Kenny-Dowall while the Rabbits had their own edge issues exposed on their left through the later weeks of September last year. Dependent on the fitness of Reynolds the Rabbits may also have some issues with the quality of their kick (long and short) game execution.

Great match up to start the season. I lean to the Roosters with their settled combinations, potential advantage in the halves and buoyed confidence as the defending title holders. I have the game marked nice and close with little obvious advantage although any late exclusion of Reynolds would only further favour the tri colours.

There has been a strong push toward the Roosters in the markets through the last few days ($1.77 in to $1.65 and line -1.5 to -3.5) but it’s not a game for any betting interest for mine. I rate both sides top 4 contenders this season, lets watch and learn some more on how they start their campaign. The last 5 clashes have seen a total score either side of the current total mark (38.5), again happy to pass.

Round 1 Tips

Roosters, Bulldogs, Panthers, Eagles, Cowboys, Tigers, Warriors, Sharks

Round 1 Preview

Our full preview for all games including any recommended best for the opening round will be online Thursday 6th

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