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Professional Horse Racing Best Bets and Tips

Matt Thompson provides expert Horse Racing Best Bets each week for our Reading The Play subscribers.

If you are looking for professional horse racing tips then you are at the right place. Matt Thompson provides expert Horse Racing Best Bets each week for our Reading The Play Horse Racing subscribers. Matt is a highly experienced punter, breeder and long-term form student who brings a meticulous approach to his work and selections, refined over many decades of professional punting. His approach is very selective with a likely 4 to 5 selections each week with Saturday’s his main focus.

Matt Thompson’s winning results month in month for over 3 years speak for themselves – currently +492 units profit since commencement in November 2017!

Quality, professional long term winning approach!

Tips Win Place Bet units Return Profit
March 34 15 (44%) 24 (70%) 151 206.5 +55.5
Feb 42 14 (34%) 28 (67%) 178 247 +69.0

Full result details > RTP-MattThompson_Results-30-Mar-2020

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 “You’re an F’n freak I am now $2,700 in front since mid August wish I found this years ago big bloody thank you!”

Horse Racing 2020

Selective Best Bets across the Autumn Racing Carnival!

$96 for 4 weeks = $24 /wk

$132 for 6 weeks = $22 /wk

$190 for 10 weeks = $19 /wk

$425 for 25 weeks = $17 /wk

Includes free sms notifications for all selections

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Some Horse Racing Tips subscription services charge $50 to $65 per week yet do not offer the quality of workmanship, direct client service or results that Reading The Play do! We have a small team of pros, have been online for near on 7 years now and have many long term loyal subscribers (many from our original start) who in their own words and testimonials love what we do!

We make the process very professional and easy! Most importantly the proof is in our long term results!

Results? Already +96.4 units profit by end March year to date for 2020!

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“I place modest bets to protect my bank but it’s almost doubled since I started with your selections. Please pass on my thanks”  

Simple subscription step (with no long term lock in or recurring subscriptions). You can start with just 4 weeks, try it out, review our work and if you like what you see subscribe for what ever period you choose.

Direct to your mobile sms notification when ever a bet selection is made! No mucking around with email notifications or website log ins or missing any tip!

We don’t make outlandish claims or try to over complicate what we provide (we do all of that in the background). We just work hard to provide quality work and selections every week!

If you expect 4 to 5 winners every Saturday then don’t subscribe – it doesn’t exist anywhere! We have multiple quality days along this journey as you can see from the examples below – 20 and 30 and 40 and 50 unit profit days, but with any success its a journey of work each and every week. If you expect $8 and $10 winners every week then also don’t subscribe – Matt has found plenty of longer priced winners from $8 to $20 or better but they don’t happen every week, and the best guide to what the selections and their prices look like is to check the results files or selection examples listed on this page. It’s also easy to see from reading any of the selection thoughts that accompany each selection that there is a well educated and experienced approach behind now nominating it as a betting play.

If you enjoy following the great game of Australian horse racing and having a betting interest and are looking for some well educated selections to add to your approach each week then Matt Thompson’s work should be of interest to you.


Matt Thompson has been in profit since he commenced with Reading The Play in November 2017. If this was easy we’d all be living in the bar on the beach in Hawaii, it takes discipline to be prepared to work away at this week in week out over a period of time, but as Matt’s results show over a significant period of time he can provide consistent winning selections and profit.

Fair Prices and disclosed results

The price quoted with each selection went sent by sms is a price currently available to all subscribers across all or the majority of betting providers (90% of all selections are normally made quoting a fixed price). The price quoted with each selection is the price recorded in our results. Our master spreadsheet of results is transparent and readily available, the good or the bad is all disclosed in selection order week after week.

Look at the recent strike rate!

Tips Win Place Bet units Return Profit
March 34 15 (44%) 24 (70%) 151 206.5 +55.5
Feb 42 14 (34%) 28 (67%) 178 247 +69.0

Look at the long term results!

492.7 units profit since commencement

96.4 units profit 2020 (to date – March 31st)

156.0 units profit 2019

185.0 units profit 2018

55.3 units profit 2017 (two months only)

Bet Return P/L
2020 468 564.4 96.4
2019 1533.5 1689.5 156.0
2018 1141 1326.0 185.0
2017 155.5 210.8 55.3

Current History & Results File > RTP-MattThompson_Results-30-Mar-2020

What You Get – Tips Notification, Prices, Updates and Results

We have offered this service for 8 years and so have built significant trust and relationship with our client base about how we operate. We are also experienced punters, and so our longer term goal and approach has been to provide an offering that we ourselves would respect.

Tip Notifications and Quoted Price: Once a selection has been finalsied we notify each subscriber by free sms notification, here is an example of an actual message –

Randwick R4 #5 FITUESE x 5 units Win $3.00
Has come through her grades quickly winning 3 of 5 and latest mixing it with Listed quality, first up here off 18 week break, had two trials the latest looked very smart, really like the race map as typical 1000mtr sprint we have a stack of speed and tempo, could well have 4 side by side in the lead early, from the wider gate should be able to position up sitting behind this and then be the one down the outside late

Randwick  R9 #14 WILD ABOUT HER x 1.5 units Win $18.00 | 1.5 units Place $4.60
Looks well placed here at a big price ew, had multiple excuses first up this track yet when finally clear rattled home late running fastest sectionals of the race, steps to 1550 suits, excellent second up form, good gate, gets G Boss and drops 4.5kg in field strength (and 7 kgs in weight), looks a great  light weight ew chance

Caulfield  R3 #1 BUFFALO RIVER x 4 units Win $4.00
UK import who has been very impressive for the Moroney stable, winning first 3 of first 4 starts and those 3 wins coming on soft / wet ground and will likely be the case here, looked good in recent jumpout, gets in well with the 3kg claim and is a rated 82 runner in a BM78 against most who are mid to high BM70 runners, from the draw the kid looks to either go forward or sit in the running line and then be letting go down the crown of the track

Doomben  R6 #10 NIEDORP x 5 units Win $2.70 BB
Presents here first up and comes off a recent high quality prep when taken to Melbourne for the last Spring carnival with multiple runs in Group and Listed quality, now resumes here with significant class drop back to a Brisbane metro BM72, has looked good in recent trial, draws low gate and has early speed to sit forward and then let Nothdurff look to let her go at the 300, she races well fresh and expect her class puts her right in the finish here

BB – indicates Best Bet

Each selection is sent our by sms as soon as it has been made. The notification time will vary from week to week, sometimes for a Saturday selections may be advised on a Thursday, Friday and then a Saturday am, and we then send out a final sms message listing the final selections for the day. Any mid week selections will normally be sent on the morning of the given race day, but most weeks we may only have 1 to 2 mid week selections and then most focus on the Saturday where the quality of runner and form is far more disclosed.

The price quoted with each selection is the current (at the time of notification) fixed price available across the market place, so a price that is fair for everyone to place their bet at this time. On some occasions we may advise Best Tote with an expectation that the final best tote price may be the best price available. Over time more often than not see see the initial fixed price will shorten by race time, but not always. Should a price for any winner change due to final race scratchings and reductions we will adjust the price. If the selection wins at a higher price we always stick with the original advised price. We are completely transparent on the prices quoted and our week to week results (including losing results when they occur, as can be seen with our published results spreadsheets).

We don’t cherry pick prices, and we don’t cherry pick results. We regularly receive messages of feedback by email or sms from subscribers thankful at our transparent approach, insights, sharing of information, customer service and overall results.

Free SMS Messages

We provide Free SMS Messaging of all tips to all subscribers. Each SMS message will list the selection detail plus brief preview notes – immediate information sent direct to your mobile!

Randwick  R5 #5 KILLER INSTINCT x 5 units Win $3.00 BB

Lightly raced stayer, won at 1800 and 2100 last prep, won first up when fresh at 1400 then struck some trouble getting a clean run at the right time when 4th yet still ran best last 600 sectionals, small field and step to 1800 suits, with a clear shot at them keen it looks the one

BB – Indicates Best Bet

Why do you talk and bet in units?

Everyone chooses to bet in different bet sizes, from differing betting banks (the personal funds they put aside for betting). Some will bet $20 per bet, some $200 per bet. So as to keep things simple and clear for everyone to follow we then talk in bet units. Our advice is to decide what size betting unit is likely to work for you and call this your betting unit, remembering that you may have approx. 20 to 25 units of recommended outlay per 7 days for our Horse Racing selections. We might not win every week but our longer term record over the last 3 yrs is of very healthy profit based on this approach, week in week out.

Each bet will be nominated in betting units between 1 to 5, with this also a guide to the level of confidence that our analyst has in his nominated bet.

Any Best Bets will be nominated with a BB, these are considered a strongly rated selection with a high level of confidence. 

Highlight Recent Winning Days!!

55 units Profit
September 21st 2019
7 bets, 4 winners + 2 from 2 with Best Bets and Wow – 55.5 units profit!

50 units Profit
August 31st 2019
6 bets, 3 winners + 2 from 2 with Best Bets and Wow – 50.7 units profit!

25 units Profit
August 24th 2019
Great Week! 8 bets, 4 winners + 2 from 2 with Best Bets and 25.9 units profit!

We don’t we every week but we have a consistent long term winning approach!

Educated, well reasoned winning best bets and horse racing tips for Australian horse racing.

Matt Thompson spends countless hours each week analysing form, times, video and other statistical criteria critical toward providing quality horse racing tips and winning long term on Australian horse racing. In addition to his own assessments, video review and form assessment Matt Thompson also has a strong network of industry contacts – all of which contribute to the framing of his final recommended horse racing best bets and tips for Reading The Play subscribers.

Reading The Play have been providing quality horse racing best bet selections for 4 years, consistently in profit across this period. Matt Thompson has now taken this role to the next level since joining the team 1st November 2017.

Profitable Highly Selective Best Bets!

Matt Thompson does it again with Horse Racing tips like these!

6 bets, 3 winners + 2 from 2 with Best Bets and Wow – 50.7 units profit!
View Saturday 31st August 2019 > here

Great Week! 8 bets, 4 winners + 2 from 2 with Best Bets and 25.9 units profit!
View Saturday 24th August 2019 > here

6 bets, 4 winners and a healthy 43.6 units profit for the week!
View Saturday 15th December 2018 > here

5 bets, 4 winners + 2nd and a healthy 38 units profit!
View Saturday 25th November 2018 > here

Another profitable Week, 6 bets, 4 winners + 2nd and a healthy 28 units profit!
View Saturday 26th October 2018 > here

Another profitable day out for Matt’s subscribers, 5 bets, 4 winners and a healthy 28 units profit for the day!
View Saturday 12th May 2018 > here

client testimonial

“The best $19 I spend a week on racing, thanks to your selections I have been consistently in profit for the last 4 months” J Black

If you are looking for an educated, well reasoned list of horse racing tips for Australian racing that provide healthy long term winnings then you have found the right man to follow.

Matt Thompson provides an average of 3 to 5 horse racing Best Bets for subscribers each Saturday (and on occasions any other day a potential selection may stand out)

Professional hand selected Horse Racing Best Bets from an experienced Pro

Flexible Subscriptions

Expert Horse Racing Tips

$96 for 4 weeks = $24 /wk

$132 for 6 weeks = $22 /wk

$190 for 10 weeks = $19 /wk

$425 for 25 weeks = $17 /wk

Free SMS Messages for all selections included – Get the latest information sent straight to your mobile as soon as published

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Flexible subscription options

You can subscribe week to week to suit or choose weekly options if you are a new subscriber looking to see what is on offer and if this suits your approach. Discounted longer term options are also available. We do not lock anyone into long term commitments nor do we create reoccurring billing – you are always in charge of any subscription purchase.

Do you provide Free Trial periods?

No we don’t. We offer very transparent information and examples of who we are and what we do and offer short period subscriptions so that new subscribers can have a look, trial and review week by week if they wish and decide if they like the content and tips that they are provided or not.

We do not play smoke and mirrors about what we offer nor attempt to sign everyone up to long term subscriptions, or reoccurring subscriptions – what ever you do the choice is yours. We have deliberately set the website up so that it is cost effective to subscribe, offer further discounts for longer term subscriptions and leave all of the choice with our subscribers.

We also do not offer refunds. Given that we make every effort to be completely transparent with what we do, including the offer of short period subscriptions for new prospects to view and trial our offering we then do not refund any subscriptions.

We also reserve the right to delete any subscriber or membership at any time should we feel reason to do so – should they be known to be providing our information on to others; providing their log in details to others; be abusive or rude in any dealing with us or make it clear we are obviously not a good fit working together.

Saturday’s Best Bets – Horse Racing Tips

Matt’s focus are his Best Bets provided for each Saturday where the form and quality is best exposed. Matt provides his selection, brief preview notes for his selection and a recommended level of stake outlay (recommended units bet). On average 3 to 4 Best Bets are provided for the day’s racing, on occasions additional best bets that stand out on other days may also be notified.

client testimonial

“Best thing I ever did was subscribe, less bets and more winners” P McNamara 

If you are looking for professional horse racing tips for sports betting then you are at the right place

What you get

What Horse Racing Subscribers Receive

  • Specialist selections for Saturday racing + selective mid week

  • The best 3 to 4 selections – Best Bets – for the day nominated across major metro meetings

  • Free SMS Messages for all selections direct to your mobile

2018 Melbourne Cup Winnings!!

Matt Thompson delivered subscribers the 2018 Melbourne Cup Winner ($12), Exacta ($132), Trifecta ($2,479) and First4 ($42,925) with his selections and betting strategy!

What a day out! Full details here

Example Pre Race Selections and Preview Notes from Matt Thompson

Randwick  R6#12 Seahampton x 4 units Win $4.60 – Wins

Has ability, looks ready to win, 2nd up held up home turn then didn’t obtain clear running until inside the 200m, stormed home for close 3rd, steps in distance suits as does wider draw to sit outside runners

Sunshine Coast  R8#2 Megablast x 4 units Win $4.20 – Wins

Nice lead up run this track last start, has improved and set for this, steps to right distance loves it very wet which is forecast and stable keen

Doomben  R1#2 Savanna Amour x 3 units Win $5.50 – Wins

Handy Group 3 winner, placed 9 of 15, nice run first up since then very smart trial to sharpen for this, good record tack, distance and second up, should get nice run and sit from good gate

Doomben  R4#5 Sedanzer x 5 units Win $2.80 – Wins

Looks a prep perfectly timed to win here, 4th up off a win at 1600 stepped to 2200 for close up 3rd, small field and wet ground suit, has the ratings and placement to peak here, looks a near stand out

Flemington R1#7 Levendi x 3 units Win $3.60 – Wins

Had 3 mentions in Stewards report last start, blocked twice, clipped heels, smart horse, big track suits

Rosehill R2#7 Unforgotten x 3 units Win $3.40 – Wins

Lightly raced Waller runner who stable have opinion of, came from last to win with ease last start running nice sectionals, again looks suited well here

Flemington  R6#2 Our Crown Mistress  x 2 units Win $3.50 – Wins

Worked early on fast speed yet too strong last start at Caulfield running smart time, gets same weight and conditions here, keen, looks hard to beat

Flemington  R2#3 Mr Garcia  x 2 units Win $3.50 – Wins

Import stayer set for this first up run here, astute trainer and connections with history of achieving this, UK form is lengths stronger than these

25 units Profit today!

Another profitable day out for Matt’s subscribers, 4 bets, 3 winners and a healthy 25 units profit for the day!

View Saturday 18th November > here

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Our Horse Racing content offers our subscribers a quality list of selections for each major race day from an experienced “pro” who knows what he is doing. Current market prices available are identified and listed with each tip and the advised by sms direct to each subscriber.

We don’t win every day, or on occasions every week. But as our approach and results attest we win consistently over a period of time. If you are looking for a quality list of Horse Racing tips that provide a profitable return, consistently, then you are at the right place!

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Educated, well reasoned winning best bets and horse racing tips for Australian horse racing.

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