Horse Racing Tips – Winning Best Bets – 66% and 45.4 units Profit

Horse Racing Tips – Winning Best Bets – 66% and 45.4 units Profit

Horse Racing Tips – Winning Best Bets – 66.7% and 45.4 units Profit

Horse Racing Tips

Ian Brown’s Best Bets have been a revelation for our Racing subscribers since their commencement in August.

10 Winners from 15 selections (66%)
$3.77 average price
45.4 units Profit (143% POT)

For each major race day (Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Wednesday’s) Ian Brown labels his Best Bet for the day from his bet list of Horse Racing Tips. These are not system tips or derived from any other method, these are selections based on hours of professional analysis, qualified ratings and personal selection.

Nor are they odds on pops!! The shortest price to date is $3.00 (at the time of publication for subscribers) and the list of 10 winners to date includes multiple Winning Best Bets priced at $5.50 and $5.00 (twice) each winning easily.

Ian Browns Best Bets Current Record 18 Sept

Brown’s Best – Profitable Horse Racing Tips – 74.9 units Profit since 1st June

Not only are the Winning Best Bets delivering healthy profit, Brown’s Best Horse Racing Tips have delivered 3 months of back to back profit. 

Horse Racing Tips Best Bets
Best Bets

6.0 units Profit September (month to date)

18.7 units Profit August

29.0 units Profit July

21.2 units Profit June

Professional Horse Racing Tips

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Get Brown’s Best 5 or 6 horse racing tips for each major race day for as little as $16 per week. Full details here

Horse Racing Tips – Winning Best Bets

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Browns Best

Brown's Best Horse Racing Tips
Professional Horse Racing Tips

Browns Best (Ian Brown) has worked privately accessing and betting professionally on Horse Racing for the last 15 years. In addition to his own assessments, video review and ratings BB also has a strong network of industry contacts – all of which contributes to the framing of his final horse racing tips bet list selections and his winning best bets. Further details can be found here.

Staking: With the introduction (August) of Best Bets our recommended staking for all horse racing tips (and result keeping) is – For all selections up to $7 – 1 unit to win. Selections at $7 or better we recommend 1 unit each way. Best Bets are double stake (either 2 units win or 2 units each way). Given Ian’s high place strike rate month after month some subscribers choose to stake his selections 1 x 3, a more conservative approach but one that will keep your bank turning over.


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Horse Racing Best Bets
Horse Racing Best Bets
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