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AFL Statsman provides our AFL Tips, Game Previews and Betting Plays

Having played and followed the game for some 31 years Statsman combines an in depth statistical analysis and hands on view of the AFL and now provides our subscribers with his AFL Tips game previews and recommended AFL plays.

Statsman has a strong sense of history and repeatedly quotes Spanish philosopher, George Santayana in saying ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” He understands the markets and how to beat them; this is the key to winning long term. He has a keen eye for form, bias, faults and misconceptions within the market. Statsman beats the market because he has an edge – he analyses the stats, he doesn’t just use them, he looks for angles and opportunities that others don’t see and he doesn’t believe the hype, and educated opinion behind his AFL Tips and analysis.

Statsman is fanatical about discipline and abhors risky plays and strategies, preferring the methodical accumulation of profit. He only invests money where he has a positive expectation of winning. This is a key to winning long term. He believes in strict money management. There is no short term path to riches in sports betting. It is about discipline and patience.

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Results 2014-18

Profit +86.26 units

166 winners / 289 bets | strike rate 57.4%

Example AFL Tips Weekly Content

Free 2019 Season Preview

2018 Round 23

2018 Round 1

2018 Season Preview

2017 Round 2

2017 Season Preview

AFL Tips Game Previews and Recommended AFL Sports Betting

AFL Statsman in 2018 was able to build on his impressive record which has delivered AFL subscribers 72 units of profit at a strike rate of 58.5% over the past four seasons. This record includes AFL Statsman’s worst run of outs since joining Reading The Play in 2014. Changes to the laws of the game at the beginning of 2016 were one factor that contributed to AFL Statsman falling off the pace at the beginning of 2016. The reduced interchange combined with the paying of free kicks for deliberate out of bounds and 50m penalties encroaching the protected area saw an increase in scoring which impacted line bets and also compromised one of AFL Statsman’s favourite plays – identifying the low scoring arm wrestle and backing the under. Once AFL Statsman refined his selection methodology in response to these changes, he stormed home in the final third of the regular season landing 13 of his last 18 bets at a profit of 16 units. Like any good footy coach, AFL Statsman is adamant that he learns more from his losses than his wins and he is tremendously excited about the potential of his refined selection methodology in 2017. That he then did with an impressive profit result return for 2018!

The Statsman has offered his views and betting strategies privately for a number of years and then formally joined our team in 2014 as our resident AFL man to provide his sports previews and betting tips each week.

AFL Tips and Game Previews and Bets

What you get

  • Detailed Weekly AFL Previews (betting games analysis and preview)
  • Recommended AFL Bet List (including a Best Bet for the week)
  • Free SMS messages advising all bets when first selected
  • Key Stats That Matter for all AFL games
  • Head to Head AFL tips for each game
  • All selections are published on the website for you to obtain at any time across each week (from the Friday onwards)
  • We send an sms to notify when the final previews and bets have been published online
  • All bets (for either NRL or AFL) are always at $1.90 as either Line bets, Total Score bets (Under or Over) or the odd occasions as Head to Head bets (at better than $1.90) – we deliberately do not play with short priced or exotic bet options
  • We always look for a bet option that is commonly available across the majority of betting bookmakers or tabs so that the recommended bet is freely available for all subscribers at the time of notification

Example AFL Weekly Content

View Example Content – 2017 Round 2

Free 2017 AFL Season Preview here

AFL 2015 Round 22

Note: All weekly message threads (round by round) for season 2016 are now free to view for anyone to see and view the week to week content, layout and analysis from AFL Statsman – click here and scroll down the page and click into any round by round message thread


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“I love your insight and discipline Statsman, you have saved me from my own losing selections and then made me money with yours.” JP, Mornington

“What an excellent weekend, 3 bets for 3 winners, keep the roll going.” Adam C, St Kilda

“Great way to finish a profitable year guys, the Overs on the Grand Final was never in doubt and just added some further profit to the season’s results. Many thanks.” Nathan T, Balmain

At Reading The Play we don’t just provide a bet list, we also offer individual game by game previews, key information, analysis and our experts “read” on what is likely to unfold – an informed opinion. Our subscribers enjoy pre game preview thoughts and rational that not only provides them with a potential betting play but a broader “feel” and connection to each game.

If you like your AFL and sports betting then you are at the right place.

AFL Tips Game Previews and Recommended AFL Sports Betting at Reading The Play

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