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Having played and followed the game for some 31 years Statsman combines an in depth statistical analysis and hands on view of the AFL.

Statsman has a strong sense of history and repeatedly quotes Spanish philosopher, George Santayana in saying ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  He understands the markets and how to beat them; this is the key to winning long term.  He has a keen eye for form, bias, faults and misconceptions within market. Statsman beats the market because he has an edge – he analyses the stats, he doesn’t just use them, he looks for angles and opportunities that others don’t see and he doesn’t believe the hype.

Statsman is fanatical about discipline and abhors risky bets and strategies, preferring the methodical accumulation of profit. He only invests money where he has a positive expectation of winning. This is a key to winning long term. He believes in strict money management. There is no short term path to riches in sports betting. It is about discipline and patience.

I love your insight and discipline Statsman, you have saved me from my own losing selections and then made me money with yours. JP, Mornington

Great way to finish a profitable year guys, the Overs on the Grand Final was never in doubt and just added some further profit to the season’s results. Many thanks. Nathan T, Balmain

AFL 2014 Results

Example Previews

AFL Preview and Sports Betting Tips 2014 – Round 12 – Reading The Play

AFL Preview and Sports Betting Tips 2014 – Round 17 – Reading The Play

AFL Preview and Sports Betting Tips 2014 – Grand Final – Reading The Play


MrG is already off to a great start for the new NRL season.

Full details and current results on the new NRL season and MrG’s approach can be found here

NRL Restults R4 2015

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