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Best Bets, tips and previews for Horse Racing and NRL

Expert opinion and analysis every week!

Our weekly Horse Racing and NRL previews and betting tips are quality, well researched and are provided by a small team of specialist successful and respected analysts.

Matt Thompson – Horse Racing

MrG – Gerard Condon – NRL

Horse Racing and NRL Tips and Best Bets

Reading The Play and each of our specialists has a proven long term track record. We’ve been doing this for the long haul, we are not fly by nighters who have just started up with a new website and we enjoy many long term loyal subscribers and followers.

Our analysts have been working at their ‘trade’ for many years. They bet professionally to win. They spend hours each week reviewing the form and markets to form an opinion and bet recommendations in their individual areas of speciality. Unlike many, they also provide a written pre-event overview that supports their opinion and offers our subscribers a further ‘feel’ and reasoning behind each bet selection.

Why Are We Different?

A small specialist team who have been doing this professionally for a long time – oh and we didn’t just arrive – each of us have been on the web for over 15 years! Our results month in month out over time speak for themselves, and unlike many who want to charge $50 to upwards of $90 per week and lock you into longer term commitments at Reading The Play we start from $24 per week, offer short term periods and then further discounts for longer term subscription periods (your choice!).

Personalised Customer Service

You deal directly with us. We don’t hide behind emails or non contactable phone numbers or bland marketing messages. We put our name to everything we do, we do this every day, and we share what we do hands on with our subscribers – many of whom have now been with us from day one!

A Fair Subscription Price

We don’t have multiple layers of people to pay, nor has our goal been to charge exorbitant prices. We take a specialist approach, quality over quantity of offering and do so at a fair price to share our insights and selections.

We Bet For Charity

Often we are asked do you bet on you own tips? Or do you win longer term? At the start of 2020 to support a friendship and respect for the amazing and selfless work that the team at Pass It On Clothing provide we decided to try and look for ways to generate broader awareness, donations and support through our website reach, members, network of friends and social media reach. In addition to donations we also decided to provide suggested public bets (placed with our money) to raise awareness across our social media and membership channels with a goal to also raising money and donations.

For more detail on the amazing and selfless work that Pass it On Clothing provide and our relationship in trying to support this – all here

If you would like to help with a donation at any time please do so here Go Fund Me donation page

Our current donations to date amount stands at $6,300 as at 22nd February 2021.

Horse Racing Best Bets

If you are looking for professional horse racing tips then you are at the right place.

Matt Thompson provides expert Horse Racing Best Bets each week for our Reading The Play Horse Racing subscribers. Matt is a highly experienced punter, long-term form student and race horse owner who brings a meticulous approach to his work and selections, refined over many decades of professional punting

If you enjoy following the great game of Australian horse racing and having a betting interest and are looking for some well educated selections to add to your approach each week then Matt Thompson’s work should be of interest to you.

NRL Tips - MrG

Having coached at a senior level for 16 years including 3 years on the coaching staff of an NRL club Mr.G (aka Gerard Condon) is an avid student of the game. 

Gerard has coached sides to win titles at a senior level, run the football arm of a successful district club, managed professional NRL players and worked in various development roles, so it’s fair to say the game of Rugby League is certainly in his blood and supports an experienced and unique offering. 

Mr.G now provides our subscribers with his NRL tips game previews and recommended NRL sports betting tips every week through out the NRL season including all finals series and State of Origin.

Professional hand selected Horse Racing and NRL Best Bets

Sports Previews & Betting Advice

Unlike most alternatives at Reading The Play we don’t just offer a bet list, we also offer key information, analysis and our “read” on what we expect to unfold around each recommended sports bet. Subscribers enjoy the pre event preview, thoughts and rational as it provides them with not only a potential betting play but a broader “feel” and connection to each selection.

Free SMS Messages for all selections – Get the latest information sent straight to your mobile as soon as published

Each Sports or Racing Preview is available prior to each event (either on a nominated race day or prior to the start of each sports round). SMS notification is also sent to all subscribers on any given day new selections or updates have been published to advise.

Subscription to the website allows subscribers unlimited access to the published content for the duration of their subscription so that they can revisit at any time to check preview content, bet recommendations and or any updates.

Flexible Subscription Options

Sports and Horse Racing Previews and Betting Tips

We don’t play smoke and mirrors and look to lock any subscriber into long term up front or reoccurring subscriptions.

Unlike many who charge $50 to $65 per week and want to lock you in to longer term periods we start at just $24 per week. 

We deliberately offer options that commence at 4 or 5 week subscriptions so that anyone can can look, test and trial any of our sports and horse racing previews and betting tips for a shorter period to see if they like what we do. For those who wish to take out longer term subscription periods we then offer these options with significant additional discounts.

We also tailor subscriptions for any individual, combine any of our sports and racing options – or drop us an email if you are looking for an option or period to suit.

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Sports and Horse Racing Previews and Betting Tips & Picks.

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Registered members get access to all our FREE previews, analysis and TIPS. You can upgrade any time and get access to even more great tips by visiting the Subscriptions page.
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